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Just words

Our tweets, our blogs are just empty words
What we write with pride are just empty words

The poignant descriptions, the constructs, the metaphors
They’re beautiful alright but just empty words

I poured my heart out, they spoke their minds
Their attempt at empathy – just empty words

Through the rustle of real pages, or a swipe on your phone
What surfaces each time, is just empty words

I’m listening now, but I can’t hear what they say
Their eloquent expression, just empty words

I read your feature on Kafila, it was shared on FB
Your erudite discourse – just empty words

The songs we sleep with, the poetry we love
We romance the writers, for just empty words

You express freely, but do you realize ‘Mat?
This ghazal of yours – just empty words


My day on Twitter

They waged a protest, while I was on Twitter
They played Democracy, while I was on Twitter

They’re braving the cold, they’re fighting the fog
I got up this morning, to an early buzz on Twitter

It started off well, they were peaceful and resolute
Then the goons showed up, we were informed on Twitter

Aam Aadmi was there, the Kranti Sena too it seems
To Ajay Devgan he was compared, Baba Ramdev on Twitter

Did Sachin retire today, to divert the nation’s attention
Speculations galore, throughout the day on Twitter

Two boys from Haryana, nearly broke a world record
But their feat got shaded, few mentions on Twitter

NDTV is pro-Congress it seems, and IBN rather soft too
The only fair people, were to be found on Twitter

Political and legal, social and cultural
No dearth of analyses, in my timeline on Twitter

Sonia G said she’ll try her best, though she doesn’t hold an office
To admit her magnanimity, I was persuaded on Twitter

The PM tweeted late at night, saying things that should be said
Too little-too late, they concurred, those I follow on Twitter

Could it be the grandma, who bore the cop’s lathi?
Who’s your elected rep, Milind asked us on Twitter

How does one bring change, in a country of 1.2 billion
You aren’t going to believe this, but there were answers on Twitter

If you’re going to tear-gas us, at least use shells that haven’t expired!
‘Twit-pic or it didn’t happen!’, they had photo proof on Twitter

It’s easy to criticize, what have you done about it ‘Mat?
You sit in a warm room, and talk about it on Twitter.