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A Christmas Wish

As he stood alone
In that room full of suits
Doubting himself, overwhelmed
A stranger smiled at him

As they sat in that clinic
Unable to swallow the news
The old lady stepped up
And held her hand

When he couldn’t sleep
Hurting of pain and spite
She rested her head on his chest
Exactly where the vacuum was

This Christmas
I wish you a warm smile
A comforting hand
A companion who soothes

But you have to promise
That you’ll smile at strangers
Show empathy
And heal.


Smiling within

What’s more charming
Than feeling happy
For someone else’s happiness

What satisfies as much
As praising someone
With no vested interest

What satiates the soul
More than seeing the success
Of someone you love (for no reason)

What brings more content
Than witnessing special efforts
Eventually rewarded

If you looked for answers
Or, even better, found them
I wish you well

If you were nodding
With a smile on your face
I wish you more such moments