Thinking of friend-love

Rumblr makes me think about friend-love
Have I ever been – in this thing that’s friend-love?

Solving equations, and drawing right-angled triangles
I didn’t say much then – the cat got my tongue, friend-love.

The library, the pavilion, the pool in summer hols
I was looking for you, I was looking for friend-love.

She praised me. Told me I looked like someone on TV
But I wanted her to hear me sing, a dedication to our friend-love.

I once phoned you about something – we only had fixed lines then
You spoke so nicely to me, almost like a friend, love.

At the social with girls’ school, I sang a soulful song
Efforts gone in vain – no offers for friend-love 😦

College was a harsh place, I could never really get it
Only love and sex were fancied, no room for friend-love.

In our first year, I hoped for a really long chat
Instead blurted out something nasty – that ended our friend-love.

For a bet, or for a laugh, she made me carry her bag
That was manipulation, anything but friend-love!

What makes people write on other people’s clothes,
Let me take a guess, my friend. Love?

At Welham Girls, after the debate workshop
She came to see Rahul. Smiling in friend-love.

Two introverts, holding hands in a street-play
Couldn’t fructify – had potential, that friend-love.

I went to Mohan’s to check if you were still there
But your quota was full. You had your friend-love.

I sang Ghalib. I think you liked it.
On that jetty in Joka – soaked in friend-love.

Post XL trip, sweet cards sent to girls in Jampot
Hung prominently on their mess wall. Aborted friend-love!

I don’t need to touch you. I don’t want to touch you.
It’s conversation – at the core of my friend-love.

This is new for you, it’s the first time you share this, ‘Mat
What’s she going to think of this ode to friend-love?!?