Navigating the road ahead: Limericks for Change Agents

Christmas is done, a new year is here
For us change agents, the message is clear
Things that have previously worked really nice
Will, alas, no longer cut the ice
We need to shift into a whole new gear

I thought I’d write an essay on the subject
But that idea I had to quickly reject
Innovation is the theme of our time
I must, therefore, resort to rhyme
Hence these limericks – however abject

We almost always have a lot to say
To our own web of words, we often fall prey
Our models and tools we wish to flaunt
But to listen to them, is what our clients want
So let’s talk less and listen more, OK?

For excellent UX you need empathy, we propose
And where does empathy come from you suppose?
To be empathetic, we must relate
Curiosity and diversity celebrate
And divergent views welcome, not oppose

It’s tough to disagree with those who pay our bills
Easy to hide the core issues and focus on the frills
But challenge and provoke we must
This is the path to gaining their trust
They’ll appreciate the “value –added” and the thrills

A safe environment for ourselves we must provide
Where for being who we are, we aren’t cast aside
Where to take a risk is OK
And what we feel, we can say
Where our feelings too have a place of pride

Finally of ourselves we must take care
Carve time out to learn, to reflect, to heal, to repair
To enable change is a really tough role
And into it we put our heart and soul
But to our body and mind, we need to be fair

I have shared in these verses what I have found to be true
Hope this lyrical manifesto was found useful by you
And if to react you should choose
I would absolutely love to hear your views
For now, I must bid adieu.