Each year, in mid-August

Each year

In mid-August

I think about how

I should have held on

Just a little longer 

To those beautiful long days

In May and June 

I should have walked more 

In the Amstel Park 

Felt the late evening sun 

On my face 

Grabbed more beers 

In the Heinekenplein 

Lounged around a bit more

At the Sarphatipark 

How will I endure

I am already thinking

The cold gusts in October

I will meet on my way back from work

The three annual throat infections 

Which will each take 

Two weeks to heal

When it will be pitch dark at 4pm 

And the pesky drizzle won’t stop 

I think I know

What I will do this time 

I will speak my mind 

Not pretend to be someone else

I will stay warm 

Through appropriate clothing

And by allowing

People to be warm towards me

I will over-celebrate Amrita’s birthday

(I hope she agrees to this!)

Watch Arsenal’s mid-week games (!!!)

And freely use expletives 

Make Yash laugh

And laugh a little