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Month: April, 2017


कुछ रसीदें मिली हैं
नीले कोट की जेबों में
रखूँ संभाल कर
काम आ जाएँ कभी
कहीं पता नोट करने के
फिर ध्यान आया
अब स्मार्टफोन्स में
सब नोट हो जाता है
और वैसे भी आजकल
अपने घर का पता
कौन बताता है.


At the château

What I’ve learnt from life I’m applying at the château
Loose ends of my brain I’m tying at the château

A forest simmers on low heat, an iceberg freezes and unfreezes
A slow death my metaphor is dying at the château

Did I cook up my data? Did I overstate what I heard?
Thankfully no rumours of people lying at the château

We heard a plea for empathy, there was a call to humanity
Not everything is landing, but they’re trying at the château

I did the story well and nailed my conclusion
But questions on correlation had me crying at the château

They looked at your mind-map, and admired your thought-bubble
A lot’s in there – there’s no denying – at the château

This is primary research and it’s grounded in theory
Fads and fluff – nobody’s buying at the château

They arrived well prepared, set to strut their stuff Apoorva
But on warm eye-contact from friends, they’re relying at the château