A lyrical journey to Innovation

by apoorvmat

To succeed in this VUCA world, we need to innovate.
To create value, to earn margins, we need to innovate.

We look around the table, start with how we form teams.
To inclusion and diversity, we pay heed to innovate.

Bureaucracies won’t work, hierarchies won’t do.
A culture open and fair, we breed to innovate.

Yes processes are key, and discipline is a must.
But it’s always creativity, that’s in the lead to innovate.

There’s room for individual spark, folks derive their own meaning.
And it’s collaboration at the core, that we feed to innovate.

It’s about networks, and it’s about trust.
Command and control? We cede to innovate.

What leadership skills do we seek to promote then?
Visioning and coaching, we seed to innovate.

When texts and slides don’t cut the ice, Apoorva
Through the form of ghazal*, we plead to innovate.

*Ghazals are a poetic form. More about them here -> https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghazal