In Amsterdam

by apoorvmat

They ask me what I do there in Amsterdam
I now have a family here in Amsterdam

We lament the weather and curse the bloody wind
It does rain a lot here in Amsterdam

I don’t bike to work and I’m told I’m nuts
I usually take Tram 4 here in Amsterdam

I still don’t speak Dutch, I revel in my English
And thank the British empire here in Amsterdam

What became of Dutch Jews during the second world war
We’re telling you the truth here in Amsterdam

But village folk hate this city, they say:
When they’re gay, they’re really gay, there in Amsterdam

A Moroccan shop in De Overtoom, a Turkish baker in De Pijp
We have bucketed coexistence here in Amsterdam

The Dutch are pretty direct, they say it as it is
But life has a subtle nuance here in Amsterdam

They like me in general, but sometimes do ask:
How long will you stay Apoorva, here in Amsterdam